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Create milestones within your transformational plan

To help Fortune 500 enterprises modernize their digital plans, we implement our proprietary Analysis, Roadmap, and Transformation Planning (ART) methodology.

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Photon’s consulting process first gathers market research and creates a situational and gap analysis with all client stakeholders. Arriving at an evolved vision of the target state, we prioritize KPIs and create milestones within a transformational plan.

Advances in digital technologies are unleashing technology’s power by not only developing new technology platforms but also the platform-based business models and strategies which are as obvious as the consolidation of multiple platforms to shape the future. But when it comes to transforming your enterprise and staying relevant, where do you begin? How do you get there? These questions are common barriers to digital transformation or moving digital beyond the transformation.

Key ART Questions:

  • What are the gaps in the process, people, organizational, and architecture perspective? 
  • What are the market trends and opportunities?
  • What does “good” look like in terms of UI, customer journey, architecture, and org model? 
  • What is your phase-wise execution plan?
  • What are the deliverables and timelines?

Our professional services and solutions management help solve our customer’s toughest challenges by delivering unmatched services in strategy consulting. We work with a methodology we call Analysis, Roadmap, and Transformation Planning (ART) to make this possible. 

To learn more about our ART Methodology, Download our Guide.



Photon’s consulting process defines accurate problem statements by identifying gaps in the current business/IT scenario. We create an evaluation matrix to further plan the scope and approach of engagement. 



Photon creates a suitable transformation roadmap by diligently creating a vision statement, project plan, POC requirements, assessments, and recommendations.

Transformation Planning

Transformation Planning

Photon’s transformation best practices, including ROI analysis and expertise assessment around technology, people, and processes, help enterprises achieve the perfect roadmap for adoption.

Photon's experienced digital consultants—through our Analysis, Roadmap, and Transformation Planning (ART) methodology—help Fortune 500 companies maximize digital ROI and achieve milestones within their transformation journey.

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“We use our proven ART methodology to define an accurate problem statement and identify gaps, and create a roadmap of achievable milestones around our assessments, evaluation matrices, and best practices. We help you answer the questions of where to start, and how to get there.”

Leif Larsen

SVP, Solution Management

Leif Larsen

A deeper look into ART

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Think digital beyond the transformation

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Maximizing digital ROI with professional services
Maximizing digital ROI with professional services
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