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Photon’s Global Website Factory Program is one of the landmark moves in the multi-brand CPG manufacturing industry—centralizing the entire technology stack to support a brand’s flagship website, which is then localized to each market across the globe.

Download our Website Factory guide and learn how to deploy localized sites on a global scale.


Photon’s Website Factory Program is a global framework which serves as a centralized system, allowing for the sharing of common technology components across all web properties. The result is significant time and cost savings for anyone designing, developing, and maintaining any number of related websites.

The Website Factory Program is designed for companies to manage and monitor the most critical aspects of a localization project, all within a flexible, streamlined system. This framework is a crucial, forward-looking business strategy that provides the following benefits for enterprises:

  • Address a decentralized organization, consolidating many country-based external partners with varying technology capabilities into a centralized, best-in-class platform
  • Provide cost-effective localization while maintaining the core marketing model to deliver a globally consistent online brand experience
  • Roll out new services and sites as quickly as needed across brands and countries
  • Personalize communication with the Content-as-a-Service layer

Multi-brand CPG companies face the challenge to deliver unique and consistent brand expression across each market. Photon’s Website Factory Program addresses these challenges by standardizing the technology stack and delivering localized, hyper-personalized digital experiences while focusing on speed, cost, and quality.

Centralized framework

Centralized framework

A primary goal of the Website Factory Program is to consolidate and align the technology stack across brands to reduce redundancies and areas of vulnerability with a more centralized governing framework.

Centralized support

Centralized support

The centralized framework assures round-the-clock support and maintenance for each digital presence, localized to the market needs, enabling a consistent and personalized brand expression.

Content-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Content-as-a-Service (CaaS)

The CaaS layer of the Website Factory Program helps better control and manage content and brand presence with a great degree of personalization. It stores content in a single repository, allowing companies to use or shelve them as required.

At Photon, we take an innovation-led approach to solving critical business challenges and provide unmatched services in strategic consulting, creative design thinking, and digital transformation. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing customized Website Factory initiatives and many other digital strategies for companies across industries.

Learn how Photon helped the global beauty leader centralize website localization to accelerate digital business expansion.

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“Photon's Website Factory Program allows enterprises to standardize the technology stack and make fundamental changes in the operating process to quickly and cost-effectively deploy unique personalized experiences, in a consistent brand voice, to the country subsidiaries and ultimately, to the consumers.”

Mukund Balasubramanian


Mukund Balasubramanian

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Guide on Global Website Factory Program
Guide on Global Website Factory Program
Download Photon’s guide on Global Website Factory Program

Download our best practices guide and learn how to effectively deploy localized websites on a global scale.

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