Delivering innovation with Photon Labs

Integrate digital accelerators to enable speed and agility advantages

Photon Labs blends technical experiences in product development, rapid prototyping, and user experience design to invest in, incubate, and deliver breakthrough digital solutions.

Connect with Photon to learn how Photon Labs can help you create new sources of business advantage.


Photon Labs puts innovation to work for you. Our R&D group applies research with a focus on the client’s challenges, leveraging disruptive technologies available from our innovation ecosystem.

The three pillars of Photon Labs are: 

  1. Innovation through design thinking workshops: Use of interactive workshops to ideate on current business use-case problem set and bring R&D to life for our clients.
  2. Innovation through startups: Ideate and prototype new concepts through applied R&D to build and launch breakthrough solutions that scale business advantage for our clients.
  3. Photon Labs Digital Products: Leveraging Photon digital accelerators to go to market faster or POC in order to prove scalability. 


Photon Labs Digital Products

Marketeers need a digital platform that can move quickly and deliver the right personalized experience at the right moment in order to maintain brand loyalty. Today, 98% of companies are not set up to identify, deliver on, and measure moments of intent. The solution is Morph—designed exclusively by Photon Labs to eliminate barriers, connect data, and enable dynamic personalized customer experiences across all your digital platforms. 

Here’s how Photon’s Morph framework is helping enterprises sustain long-term competitive advantages. 

Publish adaptive digital experiences across all consumer touchpoints.

Morph Transform

Publishes adaptive digital experiences across all consumer touch points—web, mobile, tablet, in-store, or third-party digital platform. Morph Transform uses its mobile app framework to quickly deploy a retail mobile app in a quick, easy, and cost-effective manner. 

Commerce enables convenient shopping experiences for brands selling through third party retailers.

Morph Commerce

For brands selling through third party retailers. Commerce enables convenient shopping experiences by adding a shopping cart and a store locator functionality to your desktop, mobile web, digital banners, social, and app brand experiences while keeping your audience engaged in your branding experiences before passing them off to a retailer site.

Analyze the performance of digital experiences.

Morph Analytics & Segmentation

Analyzes the performance of digital experiences, replays scenarios, and takes action to optimize outcomes. Morph Analytics also helps to build and target profiles with optimized experiences to acquire new customers or motivate the existing ones.

Funnel behavioral data through algorithms to deliver personalized experiences.

Morph Personalization & Experiments

Funnels behavioral data through Machine Learning algorithms to deliver personalized experiences at the right digital moment. It allows to test and learn the next best action—predicting outcomes based on customer segments and look alike models. 

Photon Labs helps clients achieve their goals through rapid iteration, experimentation, and prototyping while maintaining a strong focus on achieving long-term competitive and business advantage. By embodying the “Think Beyond” principle, Photon Labs empowers clients to lead with innovation.

Connect with Photon now to Morph your digital experiences and explore new innovative ways to address your critical business challenges. 

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“Brands need to continue to test and learn by investing in, incubating, and delivering breakthrough solutions that can help create new sources of business advantages. Morph by Photon Labs is designed exclusively to help clients achieve this goal through rapid iteration, experimentation, and prototyping.”

Muhamad Daud

EVP, Engineering & Head of Photon Labs

Muhamad Daud

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