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Why read this guide?

Photon’s Website Factory Program is a framework, which serves as a centralized system for enabling website localization and releasing consistent brand experiences for global customers in accordance with their language preference or geographical location. The centralized model allows for the sharing of common technology components across all web properties, thereby resulting in significant cost savings in terms of initial builds, integration, and maintenance. 

This whitepaper explains how single or multi-brand enterprises can harness the power of the Website Factory Program and build a foundation for speed to market and increased efficiency. It reveals how the program centralizes and simplifies the website localization process and helps create brand trust globally by personalizing communication in the context of language, imagery, and local conventions.

What will you learn

  • What is the Website Factory Program?
  • What are the major localization challenges and how to address them?
  • How to reduce time and expenditure on content localization?
  • How to ensure accuracy and consistency in brand communication, globally?
  • How does the Website Factory Program accelerate expansion into foreign markets?

Download our guide and learn how to deploy localized websites on a global scale.

“Photon’s Website Factory Program allows enterprises to standardize the technology stack and make fundamental changes in the operating process to quickly and cost-effectively deploy unique personalized experiences, in a consistent brand voice, to the country subsidiaries and ultimately, to the consumers.”

Mukund Balasubramanian

Co-founder & CTO, Photon

Mukund Balasubramanian

A deeper look into website factory program

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Drive a localization strategy with the Website Factory Program
Drive a localization strategy with the Website Factory Program
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Drive a localization strategy with the Website Factory Program

Learn how to deliver consistent brand experiences with a centralized website framework

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