Driving growth and value through omnichannel personalization

Build robust and personalized CX across all digital channels

Photon creates data-driven, hyper-personalized experiences across all customer touchpoints.

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Today, understanding when to be personal and when to not can build or break customer loyalty. With everything digital, the “how to” properly deploy personalization is imperative, and delivering anticipated personalized experiences has become the most differentiating opportunity for businesses to be more customer-centric, boost engagement and drive next best actions.

Photon combines data with context to make it easier for customers to find and consume WHAT the consumers want, WHEN, and HOW they want it. This improved experience is about truly understanding the WHY behind their preferences across all channels and devices.

Photon builds personalized digital experiences

Not more, less.

Photon views personalization as not about offering more, but rather about curated offerings which provide fewer, more relevant to the individual.

Photon builds predictive engines that power personalized experiences

The data is the storyteller

Finding the descriptive attribute of the customer's actions unlocks the real motivations behind the data trail. It's not just another step recorded in the journey but small bread crumbs leading to the personal intentions and desires of the individual.

Photon builds predictive engines that power personalized experiences

Predictive engines

Photon has vast experience in building machine learning algorithms which power predictive engines. These can examine data, at an incredible pace, to unlock the predictive nature of your customer’s intent or next actions.

Photon builds predictive engines that power one-to-one experiences

1-to-1 relationship with the consumer

Photon creates experiences that use customer data to present a highly personalized CX, cross-channel, that connect enterprises with consumers in the moments that matter and deliver digital experiences at scale.

Photon’s real-time personalization solutions leverage data-driven intelligence to help enterprises pursue their digital innovation journeys and deliver unified digital experiences for customers across touchpoints. Our Personalization Architecture comprises of all the necessary IT systems to ensure that enterprises create a seamless customer experience across multiple digital touchpoints.  

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“In today’s brand-switching economy, companies that do not have a personalization strategy will continue to deliver a fragmented experience at each touchpoint and will lose market share. Companies that meet their customers’ expectations at the moment of need are rewarded with higher engagement and brand love.”

Mukund Balasubramanian

CTO at Photon

Mukund Balasubramanian

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Drive revenue with personalized customer experiences

Build omnichannel personalized experiences
Build omnichannel personalized experiences
Build omnichannel personalized experiences

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