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How can our AI workshop boost your company's operational efficiency and innovation?

Operational Efficiency with AI: Discover how generative AI can streamline your business process and operations, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Building Your AI Strategy: Learn the essentials of creating a technical roadmap for an AI Lab within your organization, exploring its potential to bring immediate business value to your organization.

Centralizing AI Innovation: Engage with the concept of an AI Nerve Center, a hub for exploring and implementing AI-driven solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Proof-of-Concept Projects: Get a preview of AI's real-world applications and benefits on your business.


The Benefits of a Workshop?

  • Brainstorm all possible AI impacts across your organization 
  • Create strategic AI road mapping
  • Identify no-regrets POCs that you can activate immediately
  • Socialize the potential of AI and the ROI of an AI Nerve Center


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Our AI Workshop provides a working session for you and your team to build a robust generative AI roadmap, identifying POCs for immediate value while minimizing risks.

Let us showcase real-world examples and determine how AI can impact your business process today. Click here to request your AI workshop today.

AI Workshop Recent Examples

Financial Services

Financial Services

AI Enhanced Personalization

For a prominent accounting firm, a Conversational AI Model was developed with personalized insights and an optimized user experience, improving chat, search, and information discovery capabilities for lead gen and website users.



AI-Enhanced Customer Support

Deployed a chatbot using an AI communications platform to deliver a Conversational AI experience. Designed conversational flows, increased customer engagement, lifted CSAT and ASAT and distributed them across the web, app, and IVR platforms.

AI for Healthcare


AI for Patient Care

Photon helped a healthcare provider improve back-office efficiencies through AI by creating POCs around Pain and Symptoms Management​, care coordination, and clinical documentation through private Chat GPT.

Other Workshop Examples

AI Nerve Center for Aviation
A leading airline established an AI Nerve Center for Gen AI Adoption by Photon. This center will assess AI use cases, data availability, and technical architecture, mirroring the state's pioneering spirit in adopting advanced technology.

Restaurant AI Support Chatbot
We developed an interactive generative AI-powered chatbot primarily targeted for Customer Support using Large Language Models for a dynamic restaurant.

Intelligent Recommendations for Car Rentals
We developed a rental car system with AI and Chatbot capabilities to make intelligent recommendations and conversations, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.

Retail AI Transformation
An American multinational company transformed its store technology and experience for employees and associates using a chatbot to write and retrieve critical metrics on performance.


Let us showcase real-world examples and determine how AI can impact your business process today. Click here to request your AI workshop today.

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"We are witnessing companies harnessing AI's transformative power to reshape businesses, seamlessly adapting to the dynamic demands of the digital age. AI has evolved into the driving force that decisively shapes the future of business."

Mukund Balasubramanian

Co-founder & CTO, Photon

Mukund Balasubramanian