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Photon’s innovative banking and financial digital execution empower Fortune 100 companies to reinvent customer banking experience and drive new growth.

Connect with Photon to develop omnichannel banking experiences that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.


Digital transformation in banking and FinServ companies is the need of the hour to create products, services, and experiences which are hyper-personalized, cross-channel, and highly relevant.

Photon enables banking and FinServ companies to put personalization technologies at the heart of their customer engagement and digital strategies to deliver richer and more personalized digital banking experiences that every customer seeks.

Photon digital banking architecture

Photon’s omnichannel architecture supports the digital banking transformation of today and tomorrow with the following key characteristics: 

  • Layered and loosely coupled architecture to adapt to the demands of the newer digital world
  • Entity-based design, namely UI entities (UI components) for maximum reusability across consumer touchpoints
  • Open standard communication protocol to identify and target the right audiences
  • Interface-based design to understand the interactions between various applications and create appropriate interfaces on the API layer

To get the best of digital transformation capabilities, Photon helps banks and FinServ companies dismantle traditional operating models and discover new opportunities where technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can have the most positive impact. 

Photon’s extensive banking and FinServ experience covers these areas of focus.

Front-end mobile banking experiences

Front-end mobile banking experiences

Leverage the power of mobile technologies to connect banking and FinServ companies with their customers in the moments that matter and deliver digital banking experiences at scale.

Seamless omnichannel banking experience

Seamless omnichannel banking experience

From transaction processing to service delivery, Photon’s omnichannel banking experiences provides a simple, compelling, personalized, and consistent banking experience across all customer interactions.

Adaptive and responsive designs

Adaptive and responsive designs

Photon is a known leader in designing, architecting, developing, and implementing a fully integrated digital banking experience framework to create adaptive responsive presences across devices— ranging from desktops to tablets to mobile devices.

Unified payment experiences

Unified payment experiences

Digital payment operating models are key for success in today’s connected world. Photon powers unified banking platforms, which replace silos with integrated components that pass the benefits to customers with a better CX.

Photon’s innovative banking and financial digital execution empowers our clients to reinvent the customer banking experience and drive new growth. By integrating digital at the core of banking, we have the agility to help banks and financial services firms respond to customer needs and the scalability, and quickness, to adapt to market requirements while transforming the user experience across channels.

Read how Photon drove the digital transformation journey of a Fortune 500 bank by redefining the core banking systems.

Connect with Photon to develop omnichannel mobile experiences that bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, and extend your bank more closely to your customer’s lives.

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Download our digital banking best practices guide
Download our digital banking best practices guide

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