Leverage Progressive Web Apps to foster business growth

Deliver seamless digital experiences with Progressive Web Apps

Our infographic gives a quick overview of PWAs and explains how they help digital enterprises boost their app strategy and improve customer acquisition with the delivery of seamless, convenient, and highly engaging consumer experiences.


Mobile applications play a crucial role in transforming the buying journey of connected consumers. Growing consumer expectations for convenience and intuitive user interfaces have led to increasingly crowded application stores where businesses are constantly competing to occupy space on users’ mobile devices. Companies are working towards continually improving their app features and performance to deliver experiences that meet consumer demands.

Although the vast majority of mobile time is spent on native mobile apps, one cannot undermine the importance of the mobile web. Consumers frequently visit mobile websites to research, explore, and discover product and service options. A recent study found that 46% of mobile shopping sessions include at least one transition between a mobile website and a native app. In order to take advantage of the best features of both native apps and web apps, companies are shifting their focus on developing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). 

PWAs use modern web technologies to deliver an experience that is on par with the native app experience. Features like faster load time, offline content access, and enhanced security give PWAs a clear edge over native apps. 

View our infographic below to get a quick overview of PWAs and learn how this revolutionary mobile technology is transforming how businesses attract, engage, and retain consumers.

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Developing Progressive Web Apps
Developing Progressive Web Apps
Developing Progressive Web Apps

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