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Photon has an in-depth understanding of the recent improvements in the evolution of IAM model to CIAM model. Built for flexibility, scale, and IoT, Photon CIAM experiences can help you engage with your customers on a personal level, offer a seamless, secure experience and introduce new products and services.

Connect with Photon to learn more about the power of the CIAM model and the immediate benefits to actioning this new consumer engagement shift from IAM to CIAM.


With key insights into the intrinsic value of identity management solutions, Photon identifies customers in a genuine, easy-to-access framework, producing higher customer acquisition and retention rates. 

In today’s digital world, customers expect consistent and intelligent experiences across multiple communication channels. If multiple channels are not integrated properly, each channel represents a whole different identity and data silo which can lead to fragmented CX. Photon’s Identity Management Experiences are the cornerstone to implementing a customer-centric omnichannel strategy and offering a personalized CX throughout every channel.

Photon’s digital Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) model enable the digital customer journey through seamless user registration, social login, progressive profiling, multi-factor authentication, privacy and consent management capabilities.  Here are few Key Capabilities of Photon’s CIAM Experiences 

  • Convert anonymous visitors to known, registered users
  • Engage customers through a simple and highly personalized user experience
  • Provide a unified experience across all digital touchpoints and devices
  • Manage identities on a massive scale
  • Protect consumer data and comply with consumer privacy laws and regulations
  • Detect fraudulent activities by employees and external users
  • Provide high availability and performance

Photon’s exceptional framework for identity management enables enterprises to recognize their customers at every single interaction across multiple channels. 

Unified CX and user profile management

Unified CX and user profile management

With Photon’s CIAM experiences, enterprises can empower customers with a consistent and unified experience even if they have multiple accounts with different LOBs or use different channels to access their accounts.  Photon’s user profile management makes it easy for users to self-manage their profile, preferences, opt-in/opt-out etc. 

Privacy, authentication and consent Management

Privacy, authentication and consent management

Photon integrates CIAM Model to deliver advanced security features and ensure the authenticity of customer-centric data while balancing enhanced security interface with convenience. With GDPR compliance in place, Photon ensures that enterprises are empowered to collect consent during social login, registration or at any defined touch-points. 

User verification and identity proofing

User verification and identity proofing

Photon entail multiple identity proofing methods such as using 3rd party data, CAPTCHA, email verification, Knowledge-based-authentication (KBA), MFA, identity matching & risk scoring, device fingerprinting and social footprint.

Self-service and social registration

Self-service and social registration

Photon captivates social media registration for minimizing barriers to site entry and enabling users to authenticate their identity and login into the systems with the help of their existing social media credentials and pre-verified user accounts. 

Photon has made huge investments in staying cutting-edge with identity management solutions. We maintain a rigorous approach to build new standards of secure customer experiences, knowing the best way to roadmap your identity and access capabilities can only come through experience.

Connect with Photon to learn more about the power of CIAM model and the immediate benefits to actioning this new consumer engagement shift from IAM to CIAM.

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“Our multi-layered security framework is based on intelligent threat modeling and real-time understanding of risks including user authentication. With CIAM framework in place, we can better protect your organization from application-layer and network attacks.”

Thomas W. Jacob

VP of Architecture & Engineering

Thomas W. Jacob, VP of Architecture & Engineering

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Unlocking the evolution of IAM to CIAM model
Unlocking the evolution of IAM to CIAM model
Unlocking the evolution of IAM to CIAM model

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