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Digital advances have compelled every company to face the common digital imperative and extend their digital innovation from isolated pockets to the core of their strategy, people, products, and business models. Today, customers seek more than just products and services. What they truly seek are unique and delightful experiences.

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In the early years of digital transformation, the value shifted significantly from the infrastructure to the application layer. The rise of mobile and frontend experiences became all the rage and the backend moved to the API Economy. Infrastructure layers were considered a “commodity” after the wave of commoditization of hardware and the lower levels of software that ran on it.

However, a dramatic shift happened with the rise of two entirely new waves of infrastructure modernization: the public cloud and the complete rethink of core back-end middleware with the rise of shared memory and isolated application infrastructure with containers. Couple these with the third wave of DevOps, and now you have infrastructure that is code.

Our infographic below sheds light on what it takes to truly go digital beyond the transformation and why embracing this mindset has become urgent in order for enterprises to remain relevant and competitive.


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