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What is Colleague Success Management?

Colleague Success Management is the CIO and their team ensuring that products or services provided by the IT organization to the business functions are adopted. And that real tangible or expected business value is created.

In this whitepaper, Deepak Sharma, SVP, Strategy Consulting at Photon, reveals how Colleague Success Management will help you kickstart discussions with your colleagues and establish a robust, viable Colleague Success Management capability that accelerates your digital transformation efforts.

“The CIOs of today are dealing with a very complex stakeholder ecosystem combined with dynamic business priorities. Colleague Success Management allows them to create a tight engagement model with a virtuous cycle of delivering positive business outcomes for their key stakeholders.”

- Anthony Roberts,
Business Advisor & Ex CIO, Walgreens Boots Alliance

What will you learn from our Colleague Success Management whitepaper,

  • What is Colleague Success Management
  • How to build new muscles and enable business outcomes
  • Lifecycle detailing phases, activities, and desired outcomes
  • How to measure Colleague Success Management
  • How you can implement it in your organization

The Current State

Colleague Success Management is even more critical in today’s world as behaviors and expectations change with the introduction of every new website or mobile function. CIOs who embrace Colleague Success Management will be able to advance their capabilities and leadership skills, creating a positive impact with their colleagues across business functions.

The Agent of Change

Metaverse TAM

As per Gartner, at least 84% of top CIOs have responsibility for business areas outside traditional IT. This is not the CIO of the past, viewed primarily as the decision-maker for all conventional, back-office infrastructure management.

The focus of the CIOs has evolved from infrastructure and networks to delivering business outcomes. The CIOs are no longer providing a support function but now need to bring a strong digital POV to their business colleagues and service them as their customers! As a result, the CIO may get an A in several cases on infrastructure (network availability, security compliance, and mobile device availability) but get a much lower grade when it comes to delivering business outcomes!

Bottom Line

Colleague Success Management often bridges the communication gap between the CIO’s office and the other C-Suite executives. It ensures that their investments in digital architecture are tied closely to the desired business outcomes desired by their business colleagues. Download our whitepaper now to learn more!

To learn more about how you can implement Photon Colleague Success Management within your organization, connect with us at or fill in the form below!

Meet the authors

Deepak Sharma

Author: Deepak Sharma

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SVP Strategy & Customer Success

Deepak Sharma is part of the executive leadership team at Photon, responsible for Strategy Consulting, Pre-Sales, and Customer Success. He plays an instrumental role in designing future consumer experiences and building transformation roadmaps by leading digital innovation for our clients.

John Negrau

Co-author: John Negrau

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Senior Director - Strategy Consulting

John Negrau is part of the Strategy Consulting Group at Photon, leading the Consumer Vertical (B2C, D2C, Retail, CPG). He blends and balances digital enablement, technology, data, and processes that drive frictionless relationships between our customers and the customers they serve.

Totran Radke

Contributor: Totran Radke

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Strategy Consulting Lead

Focusing on the Consumer vertical, Totran Radke has led and supported strategy engagements with Fortune 500 clients across various industries. Her expertise is in digital marketing and digital transformation within the retail, e-commerce, and entertainment industry.

Brian Winett

Contributor: Brian Winett

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Strategy Consulting Lead

Brian Winett specializes in strategy engagements ranging from supporting culture shifts while enabling digital transformations, to enabling customer and colleague success initiatives. He also supports technical initiatives that involve modernizing archaic, legacy architectures.

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