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Why read this guide?

With 46% of organizations being digitally focused, future-oriented digital business transformation needs to ensure that people, process, and technology align with each other to create new, meaningful experiences that deliver beyond customers’ expectations. 

Photon’s digital strategy consulting best practices analyze business imperatives that drive the adoption of emerging technologies; offer insight and advice to help corporate executives envision, validate, mobilize, and execute digital strategies by implementing the ART methodology. Grounded in deep industry expertise and delivered with the key value drawn from human-first insights, Photon’s professional services uses the Analysis, Roadmap, and Transformation Planning (ART) methodology that enables leaders to act with speed and confidence.

This guide explains how implementing the ART methodology helps create milestones within a transformational plan. We present examples of how Fortune 500 companies used Photon’s ART methodology to identify gaps, reimagine current infrastructures, and create new roadmaps to achieve their transformation. 

What you will learn

  • What are the gaps in the core aspects of people, process, and technology?
  • How to capitalize on key market trends and opportunities? 
  • What does “good” look like against your problem statement?
  • How to create a phase-wise execution plan?
  • How do you map out your current state versus future state?
  • How are Fortune 500 companies leveraging Photon’s ART methodology?

Download our guide now and learn how to transform your people, process, and technology by leveraging the power of the ART methodology.

“We use our proven ART methodology to define an accurate problem statement, identify gaps, and create a roadmap of achievable milestones around our assessments, evaluation matrices, and best practices. We help you answer the questions: where to start, and how to get there.”

Leif Larsen

SVP, Strategy Consulting at Photon

Leif Larsen

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Maximizing digital ROI with Photon’s professional services
Maximizing digital ROI with Photon’s professional services
Maximizing digital ROI with Photon’s professional services

Learn how Photon’s professional services help enterprises modernize their digital plans by implementing ART methodology.

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