A guide to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Benefit from NLP-powered chatbots and intelligent voice assistants


Why read the Natural Language Processing (NLP) guide?

As the business applications of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing continue to grow, businesses across sectors are fast-realizing the true potential of Natural Language Processing. Aside from customer service, NLP has a wide array of applications such as sentiment analysis, market intelligence, smart search, information extraction, and advertising, among others. 

It is of paramount importance for businesses to understand and utilize the amount of unstructured data—such as text and voice-based data—being generated every day. NLP helps businesses automate the task of reading text or hearing speech, interpreting it, analyzing the sentiment, and generating appropriate responses. Companies across various industries—such as retail, CPG, banking and FinServ, travel and hospitality, and healthcare—are leveraging NLP techniques to optimize the customer journey and make data-driven decisions.

This guide discusses the business applications of NLP technologies—such as chatbots and intelligent voice assistants—in the context of customer experience, operations, and decision-making.

What you will learn

  • What is Natural Language Processing? How does it work?
  • What are the real-world business applications of NLP?
  • What are the components of an effective NLP integration architecture?
  • How does Photon help Fortune 500 companies build and benefit from text and voice-based NLP solutions?

Download our guide to enhance customer service and drive data-driven decision-making with NLP techniques.

“Natural language processing, coupled with machine learning and cognitive platforms, is radically changing the frequency and immediacy of user data processing—simplifying the strategic business decision-making process.”

Mukund Balasubramanian

CTO, Co-Founder at Photon

Mukund Balasubramanian

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