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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing faster than the speed of light. From SIRI to self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are unlocking capabilities that were unthinkable only a few years ago. Research estimates that AI1 will be a $47 billion market by 2020. The last decade was about a Mobile-First world where smartphones were leveraged to improve customer experiences and increase brand engagement. The next decade the shift will be towards AI interfaces as customer engagement moves beyond a Mobile-First approach.

  • 50% of all searches will be voice searches
  • 85% of human interactions will be managed through AI

Some of intriguing concepts that have taken Artificial Intelligence to the next level include Google Photos2  that has brilliantly used AI to provide frictionless experiences in Image and video storage. Baidu3 has successfully deployed Machine Learning and deep learning for accelerating Mobile search. Pinterest4 uses Machine learning to serve up a universe of relevant pins to each and every user. It uses visual patterns to process over 150 million image searches per month to help users with relevant content as per the pictures they have already pinned.

The most futuristic predictions that came true

Over the last two years, during our customer networking event, Photon has delivered the Digital Predictions for 2016 and 2017 setting the tone for where our Fortune 500 customers should focus their attention and resources. We have shared our insights on the shift from Mobile-first to AI-first and put into context what’s next in the Artificial Intelligence landscape.

Today, AI is being used to help automate infinite tasks, predict outcomes, and in general make businesses more effective and efficient. The rise of messaging apps, social media, mobility, cloud, the Internet of Things, and landmark breakthroughs in machine learning, natural language processing, and cutting-edge technologies like neural networks have revolutionized the way consumers interact with devices. Conversational Interfaces like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana are set to unleash conversational moments, expanding the range of multi-touchpoints for brand digital experiences.

How AI boosts customer experiences in different industries

Organizations are moving fast to an AI-first world, where intelligent agents are rewriting the rules for customer engagement and brand interactions. Businesses across sectors have introduced Chatbots to level up their customer experience game. Here’s how AI tech has transformed brands and customer experiences.



As retail continues to evolve, many retail brands are piloting chatbots that align with their digital strategy, shifting their marketing attention to new platforms where their customers are engaging. Sephora deployed its lifestyle bot on Kik5 to get users to complete a survey, which received higher response rates in comparison to similar campaigns on other platforms. AI-powered deep learning offers rich customer insights to offer personalized recommendations based on customer behavior, events, and profile data.



Healthbots are being tested to measure their impact on improving patient experience and medical staff productivity. Chatbots can create new ways for patients to communicate with doctors and manage their health from their home. Zebra Medical Vision’s6 machine learning platform helps drive preventive care by helping in discovering chronic diseases sooner. The technology also allows radiologists to provide comprehensive patient reports. Iris AI7 uses the technology to speed up scientific research processes by surfacing relevant data.

Banking and Insurance

Banking and insurance

Banking Bots can improve CX through personalization by offering customers easy access to the information they need, right from their home or smartphone. Whether it’s to check balance, pay a bill, find a local ATM or even speak with a service rep, AI and chatbots are creating new customer conveniences. JP Morgan Chase has deployed Contract Intelligence8 (COIN) Machine learning platform to read and interpret huge numbers of commercial loan agreements in seconds and with higher accuracy, a task which would have otherwise taken over 3,60,000 man-hours to complete. 

Today, it’s critical for the brands to deliver thoughtfully crafted and well-executed strategies for the AI interfaces to win customers’ love by providing immersive, interactive, and personalized experiences in the channels they are engaged in.

At Photon, we focus on “what’s next” to help our customers meet the fast-changing demands of tomorrow's digital world. We would love to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey and prepare you for this exciting new generation of customer experience.

Connect with Photon to learn more about the power of Artificial Intelligence and the immediate benefits to actioning this new consumer engagement shift.


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The rise of conversational interfaces
The rise of conversational interfaces
The rise of conversational interfaces

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