Unlock the power of purpose-driven loyalty

A purpose-designed loyalty program


A fresh take on Loyalty: How to stand out in a crowded market

Market research predicts that the global loyalty management market will grow from $8.6 billion in 2021 to $18.2 billion in 2026. Over the years, loyalty programs have become standard practice across all industries, from retail and travel to fashion and banking.

As customers and their needs evolve, so should loyalty programs. In today's highly competitive market, standing out and connecting with your customers can be difficult. Our newest playbook offers an innovative solution for enhancing brand loyalty by introducing a new approach.

It goes beyond Share-of-Wallet and Share-of-Heart and offers a purpose-designed loyalty program that builds positive relationships with existing customers and helps acquire new ones.

Our loyalty playbook covers,

  • A Fresh Take on Loyalty
  • Standing out in a Crowded Loyalty Landscape
  • Current Loyalty Trends
  • Purpose-Driven Loyalty Program
  • Technology for Enhanced Loyalty
  • Winning Loyalty Canvas for CXOs


Download the playbook and unlock the power of Photon's purpose-driven loyalty program.

Understanding current loyalty trends

Loyalty Program

The loyalty landscape is constantly changing from the rise of personalized experiences to early access to products/services.

Community value has emerged as a category motivator for Gen Z, who will make up 40% of consumers by 2026. As the most significant growth opportunity in the loyalty spectrum, brands must step up and leverage community-driven programs that Generation Z cares about deeply.

Our playbook explains the impact of these trends, providing the knowledge and insights to create a winning loyalty strategy. It proposes a new approach to move beyond the limitations of current loyalty programs. It also explains how brands can create a more enduring engagement platform by building on the merits of Share of Wallet and Share of Heart and aligning brand purpose with individual values. Download the playbook now

Meet the authors

Deepak Sharma

Author: Deepak Sharma

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Chief Client Strategy Officer

Deepak Sharma is part of the executive leadership team at Photon, responsible for Customer Strategy & Innovation, Pre-Sales, and Customer Success. He plays an instrumental role in designing future consumer experiences and building transformation roadmaps by leading digital innovation for our clients.

Sami El Natour

Co-author: Sami El Natour

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Customer Strategy & Innovation lead

Sami El Natour is a Customer Strategy & Innovation Lead at Photon with professional experience spanning the advertising, communication, banking, and healthcare industries. Before Photon, Sami was the VP Marketing at American Express Mena, managing Product Strategy & Development, Customer Loyalty and Engagement, and Consumer Cards Portfolio.

Brian Winett

Co-author: Brian Winett

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Customer Strategy & Innovation Lead

Brian Winett specializes in strategy engagements ranging from supporting culture shifts while enabling digital transformations, to enabling customer and colleague success initiatives. He also supports technical initiatives that involve modernizing archaic, legacy architectures.

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"By creating an exchange of shared beliefs and convictions, companies can foster an emotional connection with their customers that goes beyond what 'Share of Wallet' or 'Share of Heart' strategies can offer. This deeper level of engagement elevates the customer experience and allows brands to drive sustainable growth by establishing a lasting link between brand purpose and individual values."

Deepak Sharma

Chief Client Strategy Officer

Deepak Sharma