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Photon's SRE best practices combine agile infrastructure with expertise in cloud, big data, and mobile to create custom solutions that help Fortune 500 clients make timely decisions and increase productivity.

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Photon’s Site Reliability Engineering best practices take a data-centric approach and help businesses to build and run reliable systems.

Digitally focused enterprises today are making sure to establish a robust SRE practice that combines expertise in software engineering and administration along with the ability to embrace and drive automation. SRE is a discipline that enables software developers to own the daily operation of their applications in production. The critical goal of SRE is creating ultra-scalable and highly reliable software systems.

Why is SRE important?

SRE is about combining the crucial aspects of development and operations—ensuring quick delivery of applications and ensuring seamless production. SRE teams are tasked with applying their knowledge of applications, products, and business objectives to:

  • Monitor the application performance
  • Provide emergency support
  • Maintain operational runbook
  • Contribute to the overall product roadmap, and more

Google’s SRE book does a great job of outlining what a modern practice should look like in a DevOps world. But what about SRE practices at companies that aren’t the size of Google? Let’s take a look at Photon’s SRE best practices that need to be put in place at each stage of the digital journey. 

Skill Sets

Skill sets

SREs are mostly engineers but with a finite subsection having both engineering and administration skills. At Photon, our SRE teams spend less time chasing misleading alerts and focus on delivering the best experience across every touchpoint of customer engagement. 

Business Alignment

Business alignment (service level objectives and indicators)

Service Level Objectives are aligned to the business objectives and Service Level Indicators align to the service level “Objectives.” Photon's SRE strategy minimizes the Mean Time to Failure and Mean Time to Resolution without laying blame.

Processes, Operations Vs Development

Processes, operations Vs development

Photon's SRE team embraces change and makes de-risking change a core component of what will be engineered into the system. In a model of progressive rollouts, throttling the old and the new, Photon ensures the risk budget is calculated for maximizing acceptance of change over and above the skill set alignment.

Self Healing Systems

Self-healing systems

Auto and self-healing infrastructures are critically important to enterprises. Photon leverages predictive analytics to automate the key aspects before they occur by processing data that already exists.

A robust SRE strategy is imperative, particularly for forward-looking digital companies that are transitioning to cloud-native platforms and delivery models. Photon's SRE services help you create highly reliable and scalable applications and manage IT infrastructure using automation, all while minimizing expenditure. Connect with Photon now to ensure an effective SRE implementation. 

“The role of site reliability engineers goes well beyond monitoring application performance and handling support. Aside from creating operational runbooks and driving development tasks, they contribute to the entire product roadmap, making them invaluable assets to the organization.”

Muhamad Daud

EVP, Engineering & Head of Photon Labs

Muhamad Daud

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Photon Site Reliability Engineering Best Practices
Photon Site Reliability Engineering Best PracticesPhoton Site Reliability Engineering Best Practices
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Learn how Fortune 500 companies successfully implemented SRE tools and technologies.

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