New iPhones make augmented reality a mainstream reality

Leverage AR in your digital transformation journey

Apple, with its latest iPhone X models, is betting big on augmented reality. Read our blog to learn why AR is the future of conversational interfaces and the next big computing platform.

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Apple packed its latest iPhone X with augmented reality, betting the evolving technology will change the course of mobility across the globe. With the intention of bringing augmented reality technology to the masses Apple unveiled three new smartphones citing it to be the best way for consumers to interact with AR apps.

Apple continues to stay up to date with advanced technological features that draws in an increased number of iPhone users. With the latest launch of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X, Apple aims to meet their consumer’s need for quickness and convenience.

With the A11 bionic chip enabled iPhone X, the enhanced technology of the latest iPhones increases the level of personalization for Apple consumers. With a number of features such as the Face ID, and true-depth camera, iPhone brings to their consumers augmented reality with their new ARKit platform. Using augmented reality, the realistic features of the digital images when displayed onto the physical world is elevated. The camera and the A11 chip have also been designed to increase the performance of AR apps.  

Another feature of the iPhone is the Face ID where the user’s face is their authentication, as the neural engine of the A11 bionic chip analyzes their face with over 30,000 invisible dots adapting overtime. Michael Levine, VP of Marketing at Photon perceives this as Apple continuing to show the world why they are the authentication leader, “even touch biometrics seems slow these days, Apple’s new Face ID brings even greater ease of use to authentication.”

Packed with 3-D sensors, Face ID and true-depth camera, augmented reality is at the core of new flagship iPhone X. Augmented reality has enabled iPhone’s new camera and sensors to see depth while processing information. It accurately merges physical world with digital graphics, thereby changing the way human-computer interaction exists.

Augmented reality can redefine consumer experiences by providing holistic viewpoints across sectors. Invisible conversational interface is the new foundation of human-computer interactions. Apple has inevitably launched new products which will help accelerate adoption. AR is the future of conversational interface as it allows digital concepts to interact with real world personas, giving the impression that digital world and real world have come together in order to present a more immersive experience. 

Augmented reality has the potential to become the next big computing platform, as we witnessed with PC and smartphone, we expect new markets to be created and existing markets to be disrupted.

The wide adoption of AR and VR, and of their respective software ecosystems, has massive implications for not just the tech sector, but nearly every other industry. In the banking and finance sector, AR allows for data visualization, virtual trading desk and virtual banking. It helps consumers across the retail industry by allowing them to virtually try on clothing, makeup or accessories and virtually placing products within their home to get an idea of how it will exist in their space before purchasing it. In addition it can also strengthen CPG brand loyalty, drive consumer engagement, create an incentive for consumers to purchase products. AR will assist surgeons during surgery and provide precise drug information where patients will be able to view how the medicine works virtually, thereby revolutionizing the face of healthcare industry.

Although Augmented reality has yet to become a widely adopted technology, we believe the time is now for companies looking to be first movers in this new emerging technology. Our Photon Labs - supported by our developers and architects - is helping clients across the globe develop innovation tracks to test and learn on new emerging technologies like AR. Reach out to us and start incorporating AR into your digital transformation journey.

Connect with Photon to learn how these new Apple features will impact your digital experiences.

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