Building an effective cloud migration strategy

Driving business agility with cloud computing

Our Cloud Migration infographic explores the significance of the cloud across various industries and the recommended cloud migration approach to help enterprises gain benefits in terms of speed, agility, and efficiency.

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The adoption of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, virtual or augmented reality, and big data analytics continues to rise as they enable enterprises to disrupt business and operating models and stay ahead of the growing needs of connected consumers. The cloud serves as the foundation that delivers the heavy computing power, reliable infrastructure, ample storage, and speed required to leverage these technologies effectively. Driving a cloud-first strategy is, therefore, paramount for companies pursuing digital transformation. 

However, many organizations are facing challenges in terms of executing cloud migration projects and achieving the anticipated business value from their cloud initiatives. Companies must devise and implement a migration plan that covers crucial areas such as cloud selection criteria, cost analysis plan, workload identification, migration plan and toolkit, and industry best practices. This is imperative for ensuring a seamless migration process and maximizing ROI.

Our infographic below sheds light on the growing adoption of the cloud across various industries, the benefits of driving a cloud-first business approach, and how to approach and execute a cloud migration program successfully. To learn more, see our best practices guide— Accelerate your cloud migration journey.


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Accelerate your cloud migration journey
Accelerate your cloud migration journey
Accelerate your cloud migration journey

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